Lenovo Computer Service

Lenovo Computer Service

Lenovo Computer Service Lenovo computer service was established in Istanbul in 2010 to serve Lenovo brand pc, notebook and All in One models. 

Lenovo Computer ServiceOur service with nearly 10 years of experience; With its equipped technical service laboratory, professional team and solution partners, it has become a computer service developed in a short time and followed in the sector thanks to its innovative view by using information technologies.

Our customer profile consists of active computer users, computer players, designers, corporate companies and private businesses. Our Lenovo computer service provides technical solutions (motherboard repair, fan replacement, upgrade service, case repair, computer maintenance service, etc.) and spare parts supply for users.

Your devices coming to our computer service are first diagnosed. The owner of the device is informed about the repair, replacement, maintenance and price by reporting the malfunction. No action is taken on the device without the consent of the owner. The device, whose maintenance / repair is completed, is delivered to the owner with a service warranty ranging from 6 months to 3 years.

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