What is Lenovo Ideapad?

What is Lenovo Ideapad?

What is Lenovo IdeaPad Consumer-based laptop lineup started in 2008 by Lenovo. Lenovo is a Chinese company and has made many design and hardware changes for the ideapad.

What is Lenovo Ideapad?

It has added innovations to its technology by adding different design and software developments such as Dolby sound systems and frameless screen, veriface face recognition system. Ideapad models; S series is divided into U series Y series, Z series and Flex Service, Duet Service, Creator Series, L service, Gaming 3 Series, Gaming L Service, 5 Series, 3 Service, 1 Service. Each series offers a stylish presentation to users with different designs.

What is Lenovo Ideapad

What is Lenovo Ideapad

Lenovo Ideapad Series

The Idepad Variety has been designed differently to suit all types of users. Now let’s examine which series is for whom.

Game Series

The series that are the players are the Gaming 3 Series and Gaming L Series models, as the name suggests.

They are models that have excellent price performance features and are powered by graphics cards designed for gamers. In addition, Gaming models have a keyboard light, which adds a much more beautiful appearance.

2 in 1

For work, school etc. The computers of this series are Flex Series and Duet Series devices with designs that make your work easier with their touch screen and touch screen.


Designed for design devices, designed for editors. As the name suggests, the series that appeal to content creators are the Creator Series and L Series models.

Very thin

The models of the devices in the series, all of which are delicate devices with a fine structure, are the 5 Series, 3 Series, 1 Series and S Series models.

Each series is divided into models with different features. You can also change and increase or decrease the Ram Capacity and Storage sizes after determining the model for the devices that are divided into models with AMD and Intel processors and according to the models according to the Graphic card.

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